Due cieli
(Two skies)
The installation extends along a straight line with an east to west orientation  and will be about 40 metres long.
The gently sloping floor reaches a depth of 2.7 metres.
Two rows of bushes (hedges or trees, placed closely together) along either side of the slope, screen the path from the surrounding landscape.As one descends towards the lowest point the vegetation begins to thin out until the grassy walls are left bare, right at the point where they meet the large mirror placed frontally at the end. The mirror lays against the back wall at a 45 degree angle. This way it reflects the zenith, the highest part of the sky directly above the head of the observer, but at the same time it allows the observer to look over its upper edge, into the sky at the horizon. 



The installation offers a kind of artificial horizon, a straight line, almost theoretical, that only an optical effect can produce: a moment of visual disorientation, a deviation, a clean cut beneath which the sky flows even deeper .

Another variant of the installation does not involve excavation but is based on a wooden construction above ground, which frames a portion of the horizon and the long mirror arranged horizontally along the field of view.

Originally intended for Lake of Levico, this version is based on a corten construction.
A path that gradually isolates the gaze from everything,
bringing it to the direct presence with the mirrored surface.