Lo stilo.

Arte Sella (TN) 2015.


With its 19 metres of length, the stylus discloses itself diagonally amongst the tree trunks. Its slender tip skims the surface of the water amidst the dense foliage, there where the brook expands into a minute lake. The stylus strokes the water, suspended from the tops of three robust firs: each and every stirring of the air or puff of wind helps give life to the slow movement of the stylus, as it makes its mark on the surface of the water, before pulling away with a gesture that seems light and airy, despite the several hundred kilograms of weight at play within its delicate quest for balance.




Amidst the treetops, all thrusting up towards the sky, this is the only one stretching headfirst towards its shadow, reaching downwards until it touches its own reflection.

But it is within its movement that, little by little, this work fully reveals itself. Here it withdraws from its surroundings in a hushed context; here it undergoes its solemn fluctuations, its continuous, imperceptible changes... in a sequence of unequal cycles, all links in a long chain of silence.