La musa pensosa.
Journey into the thought of the Greek and Roman philosophers

Coliseum, Roma 2006.

Exhibition on the theme of statuary linked to the muses, partly using the same structures already designed for the exhibition "The secret rite".  

In the ambulacrum of the colosseum there is a theory of statues and busts illuminated by luminous beams that follow the rhythm of the pillars of the fornixes. The sculptural figures triangulate with the exhibits in the metal concavity of the inner gallery through a special and different rotation of the lenticular metal volumes, or shields. This creates a relationship between two rhythms, one consisting of the statues, on the outside, and the other of the "shields", suitably oriented to modulate the daylight mixing it with the artificial one of the inner gallery, Also thanks to the partial specularity of waxed iron. The rhythm of the sculptural works is made explicit by the repetitive scanning of the light rays .

Here the sum of the lights coming from different angles aims to obtain, also by means of a careful dosage of the temperature-color, that the light of the day penetrates inside almost the building was ideally transparent. From this artifice we derive a sense of alienation that accentuates the suspension of forms in space, metaphor of that of time.