An arrangement of disconnected reflective surfaces, conceived and created for Carlo Scarpa’s Villa Ottolenghi
Bardolino, 1994
a series of slats suspended in space that divide the beam of light
projected by a luminaire housed outside the visual field,
reflecting it on the ground in the luminous shape of an elongated ellipse.
The thin aluminium slats covered with silver leaf are arranged along a pair of invisible wires, spaced so as not to obscure each other:
This alone criterion is responsible for the overall design
of the work that is organized in a Iogarithmian period.
Each blade is tiltable along its own axis so that you can calibrate the angle of the reflection.
The overall shape has a torsion movement, thanks to the non coplanar path of the supporting wires;
it is associated with a slight fan opening of the slats to spread more light in the central part of the living area.